• Printed Materials: 

    Whether it's a business card, flyer, brochure, poster or any other printed piece, there are certain industry standard criteria that must be followed.


    Decide what piece you need:

     It is always more cost effective to work with standard paper sizes. Check with your printer to see what types of paper and what sizes will work best for your particular project.


    Standard business cards are 3.5 inches by 2 inches.

    They can be vertically or horizontally oriented, one or two sides, and any number of color inks from black and white to full color.

    Specialty inks and heavier stocks will cost more.


    Flyers and Brochures  are generally 8.5 x 11 inches, one or two sided, black and white or color. For economy you can do a 2-up flyer, each piece 5.5 x 8.5 inches on a full size sheet and cut them in half to double the yield.

    brochures can have different folds: bi-fold or tri- fold. They can also have a mailer on one panel.


    Standard Bookmarks are 2 inches by 6 inches. Glossy stock. One or two sides, black and white or full color.


    Posters  range from 11 x 17 inches and up. You should check with a printer to see what size paper they have available.


    Vinyl-type Banners are usually 2 to 4 feet in height and available in different length widths. Check with your printer to see what sizes are available and get their specifications for preparing press ready files.


    Books and magazines can vary greatly in size. It is crucial to communicate with your printer and get their exact specifications and templates (if necessary) for your specific book or publication.


    Color or Black & White

    All color or black and white materials that are either printed on a standard printing press, or duplicated on high speed laser copiers or printers must be prepared with high resolution (300 dpi).


    CMYK color mode must be used for any colors.

    Grayscale or black and white for non-color.


    The colors viewed in a proof, either printed on an ink jet or laser printer,  or viewed on a computer monitor will never exactly match the finished, press printed piece. Although we take care to match colors as closely as possible, proof printers and computer monitors will all display colors differently depending on the pixel resolution and color calibration of the monitor.


    Books, Magazines, Newsletters

    Any text document  provided for a printed piece must be thoroughly edited, proofread and spell-checked before sending it for a book layout. White Rabbit Graphix is not responsible for spelling or grammatical errors in text document files received from clients.


    Long text or Word documents submitted for a book layout must be thoroughly edited, proofread and spell-checked. Any italics or bold text must be created in the original document using a font which contains a bold or italic font within its font family. (Don't use a style key to force italics or bold on a font in which it does not exist.) These "style only" changes will be lost when the files are transferred into desktop publishing programs.


    We will provide an electronic proof only (multiple page pdf) for books and publications.  The client should look carefully at the proof for content and design. This should not be the time for editing the text of the book, or changing, or adding additional text. These type of changes on a book that is ready for press may result in changing the page count and other significant layout re-flow problems.


    Logos, Images and Photographs

    For print materials, a clean, sharp, high resolution image is essential for optimum print reproduction.


    White Rabbit Graphix will adjust resolution and tone your images for the best printing results. However it is impossible to improve resolution that is too low. We can turn color photographs and artwork to grayscale or black and white, but a grayscale photo cannot be turned into a full color photo. We can add special effects to photographs and artwork (gradients, fades, drop shadows, sepia-tone, etc.)


    Images and logos created for the web will not work for printing, and vice versa. Web materials have a much lower resolution and a different color mode (RGB) which does not convert exactly to process printing inks.


    Any artwork supplied by a client should be owned by the client, or created by the client. White Rabbit Graphix is not responsible for any copyrighted images supplied to us from a client. We have clip art / photo services available to us and are happy to provide copyright free images, aa well as custom alter them for our client's needs.





  • Websites:

    Having an online presence has become an essential part of marketing your product,  service or yourself.


    Secure web space and your domain name through a web hosting company

    White Rabbit Graphix does not supply web hosting. there are many vendors available to host your website and register your domain name. Once you have secured your site space and url we can design your site and upload it. All costs incurred for web hosting and domain names are between the client and the web hosting service.


    Organize your Website

    Consider what  information  and images you want  on your website and what type of  theme and colors you may want.


    Home Page  -  is a must. It's where people will get their first impression of your product, service or you.


    An About You/Bio page/About Your Product or Service page can offer more detailed information.


    A page showcasing your specific work - photos, products, books, etc. This can be a gallery style or slideshow type of page.


    You may have several products / services you want organized into sub pages under one main page.


    A Contact page - usually a simple page with  information  for a consumer / visitor to contact you.

    It may contain a simple email link, or a more complex form.


    Extras to consider:

    Links - to other websites, blogs, videos or to social media pages. (Quality links will send more traffic to your site and help increase your ranking within search results.)


    Video - add a short video clip to your webpage.


    A blog - link a blog to your website.


    Commerce page with PayPal or similar account.



    Consider what materials on your website  may need to be updated, if at all.

    White Rabbit Graphix can help you maintain your site.


  • eBooks:

    An ebook or epub is like a simplified tiny website. Within an epub file are several other files - the text of the book using html coding, a  CSS file (styles of the text within the epub), and images (Cover, etc.)


    eBooks have limitations.

    Much like a website they are visually dependent on the ereader device being used.

    Just as a website will view differently in different web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Fire Fox, Google Chrome or Safari; ebooks will view differently on a Kindle, Nook, Andriod, laptop or desktop computer.

    Depending on the ereader device's ability to display colors, color images on your cover or within your book will be converted to grayscale on some devices which do not have the ability to display color.


    Preparing a Word doc for  successful conversion

    to an eBook:

    Remove  all the page numbers and page headers.

    Each ereader device has different methods for displaying  their own page numbers. An ebook contains a fluid text flow which shapes itself to the ereader's screen size and the font size preference of the reader. Leaving page numbers or headers on your Word doc will result in the numbers showing in inappropriate places throughout the text flow of the book.


    Remove all extra spaces, soft returns, uncommon characters and forced type styles.  When using italic or bold - use only a font which contains those fonts within the  font family. Do not use a style key to force a bold or italic style onto a font in which that style does not exist.


    Keep your Word or text doc as clean and simple as possible.


    Don't use decorative fonts. Use a standard web friendly font. (Ariel, Helvetica, Times Roman, Minion).

    In most cases the reader chooses the font they prefer and some file formats will convert the fonts to web friendly fonts.


    White Rabbit Graphix can add Chapter names in a larger, decorative font.


    Let us know what design, image  and font features you desire and we will work with you to accomplish your vision within the epub format. Also let us know if there are Glossarys, footnotes or any special text.


    Most ereaders contain a Table of Contents panel which will feature the Chapters or sections of your publication. We can also provide a secondary TOC if desired for extra accessibilty and ease of reader use.



    If you create your own cover, make it a high resolution - 300 dpi  for a 6" x 9" image. All text should be part of the cover image. (rasterized and flattened). A high resolution RGB jpeg image is reccomended


    White Rabbit Graphix can design a cover for your eBook.


    We run all of our epub files through a checking system with the International Digital Publishing  Forum to ensure the epub passes industry standards for epub file format.


    We will provide both an epub version of your book (Nook, etc.)  and a mobi file (Kindle) ready to upload.


  • Photo Enhancement and Retouching: 

    Photo Enhancements and Retouching include:

    Corrective color toning, sharpening, lightening or darkening.


    Removing  or softening flaws or blemishes in a subject.  (ie: A telephone pole behind a person's head, acne, softening wrinkles, red eyes)

    Keep in mind when enhancing a photograpgh of a real person the enhancments should not be so extreme that the subject is not recognizable.


    Removing distracting backgrounds.


    Placing a subject into a new background image. Also adding other elements of design ( images, type, etc.)


    Photo collages.


    Restoring an old or damaged photo. (Within reason - removing age spotting, repairing small tears, enhancing color and sharpness).


    Special effects - adding sepia toning, color/ lighting / warping  effects, ect. Adding decorative borders and other graphic elements.


  • General Information:

    White Rabbit Graphix values our customers and views each job as an opportunity to showcase our best work. Our best advertisement has been recommendations from our clients.


    We provide proofs throughout the design process. A proof provides our clients with an opportunity to check the overall design and content and request corrections or minor  adjustments. Major changes such as design / art changes which differ from the inital consultation and major text changes will inccur additional charges from the original price quote.


    We can handle printing orders for smaller projects (business cards, bookmarks and fliers).

    (The cost of the printing, tax and shipping will be in addition to the layout and design charges).


    We can communicate directly with your printer to help ensure your printed job turns out the way you want it.